IPCOR Steering Committee

The IPCOR Steering Committee was established to strategically direct and govern the IPCOR study and has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the study achieves all of its aims.

The specific responsibilities of the Steering Committee include:

  • Providing strategic direction to IPCOR including supervision of the management committee and data oversight sub-groups and monitor the performance of the project
  • Advising on the clinical and patient-reported data items to be collected and the quality-control of the data
  • Agreeing key clinical and patient-reported outcomes to be measured and contribute to the development of the statistical analysis plan
  • Reviewing and signing off on public and clinical annual reports published by IPCOR
  • Resolving issues identified by the scientific advisory group, management committee or data oversight subgroup and implementing their recommendations
  • Liaising with international groups to ensure data is compatible for international comparisons
  • Establishing policies for data access by other research groups and publication of IPCOR data
  • Establishing an IPCOR sustainability plan to support future research
  • Developing a communication strategy for the dissemination of IPCOR research
  • Monitoring and ensuring IPCOR compliance with data protection and ethical requirements
  • Reviewing the financial management of the project

Steering Committee Members

Representing Urology

Mr David Galvin
(Principal Investigator)

Consultant Urologist
Mater Misericordiae and St Vincent’s University Hospitals

Mr Frank O’Brien

Consultant Urologist
Cork University Hospital

Mr Garrett Durkan

Consultant Urologist
Galway University Hospital

Representing Radiation Oncology

Prof Frank Sullivan

Vice Dean for Strategic Partnerships and Adjunct Professor of Medicine
NUI Galway

Dr Gerry McVey​

Consultant Radiation Oncologist
St. Vincent's University Hospital

Representing Medical Oncology

Dr Ray McDermott

Consultant Medical Oncologist
St Vincent's University Hospital

Dr David Gallagher

Consultant Medical Oncologist and Consultant Medical Geneticist
Mater Private Hospital

Representing Pathology

Dr Stephen Finn

Associate Professor, Consultant Histopathology
Trinity College Dublin

Dr Teresa McHale

Consultant Pathologist
Galway University Hospital

Representing Epidemiology

Professor Linda Sharp

Professor of Cancer Epidemiology
Institute of Health & Society, Newcastle University

Representing Patients

Mr Tom Hope

Men Against Cancer (MAC)

Representing the National Cancer Registry Ireland

Dr Conan Donnelly

Research Manager
National Cancer Registry Ireland

Representing the National Cancer Control Programme

Dr Jerome Coffey

National Director
National Cancer Control Programme

Representing the Australian Prostate Cancer Registry

Dr Sue Evans

Director of the Clinical Registries Unit
Monash University

Representing Movember

Mr Paul Villanti

Executive Director
Movember Foundation

Representing Irish Cancer Society

Dr Claire Kilty

Research Manager
Irish Cancer Society

Representing the Clinical Research Development Ireland
Dr Áine Murphy
(IPCOR Project Manager)

IPCOR Project Manager
Clinical Research Development Ireland