IPCOR  Update:

IPCOR finished collecting data in January 2020.  We would like to thank all the men who were involved in the study and the hospital staff that facilitated the data collection.  We are grateful for our research partners NCRI and the HRB-CRFG and the staff in both for making IPCOR a success.     We are thankful to our funders the Irish Cancer Society and Movember for enabling the data collection and research. 

IPCOR’s host institution Clinical Research Development Ireland (CRDI) has been wound down and in March 2021 the IPCOR project moved to CRDI member institution UCD.  We are excited to be developing a research program to utilise the data in the IPCOR project and start sharing the outputs.

Welcome to IPCOR, the Irish Prostate Cancer Outcomes Research

IPCOR is collecting clinical data and quality of life information from men who have been newly diagnosed with prostate cancer in Ireland and is developing, for the first time, a national prostate cancer registry. IPCOR publishes annual reports on the outcomes of prostate cancer treatment and care. These reports provide evidence-based data to doctors, hospitals and policy makers to inform future healthcare decisions that affect prostate cancer care.

The ultimate goal of IPCOR is to enhance prostate cancer care, improve patient experiences and maximise quality of life for men diagnosed with prostate cancer in Ireland.

The Irish Prostate Cancer Outcomes Research began in February 2014. The Irish Cancer Society and Movember are supporting this project with funding of €1.75 million over 5 years. This research is being carried out by a collaborative partnership involving the National Cancer Registry Ireland, the HRB Clinical Research Facility in Galway, the National Cancer Control Program and the nation’s major academic institutions represented by Clinical Research Development Ireland.

Irish Prostate Cancer Outcomes Research - About IPCOR



The Irish Prostate Cancer Outcomes Research is establishing a nationwide prostate cancer registry which captures high-quality information from newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients in the Republic of Ireland.

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Irish Prostate Cancer Outcomes Research - Our Goals

Our Goals


Our main objective is to collect detailed clinical and quality of life data on Irish men’s prostate cancer journey to better inform future care delivery, knowledge of the disease and best use of health care innovations and resources.

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Irish Prostate Cancer Outcomes Research - Research & Publications

Research & Publications


In order to improve prostate cancer care, IPCOR will publish reports with a high level of clinical information and sophisticated data analysis.  These reports will be published annually and delivered to service providers and decision makers in healthcare.

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